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What to Expect

At myLife Psychologists your treatment will be:


Just listening is not enough. After a thorough assessment, we will come to a shared understanding of the underlying causes and factors contributing to your difficulties. A suitable treatment plan will be developed to assist you to overcome or manage your difficulties more effectively to achieve your goals.

Practical & “hands on”

You will be provided with skills to practice and master in your every-day life so that you can manage issues as they arise.

Brief & time-limited

Treatment is usually only 5 to 15 sessions, though a simple issue may take only a few sessions and more complex issues can take longer. The time frame is up to you and depends partly on your goals. We will come up with a flexible plan that you are comfortable with.

Evidence based

We only offer treatment approaches backed by research and conclusively shown to be effective.

Focused on the “here-and-now”

Your sessions will primarily focus on the present, and exploration of ways in which the past has affected your current situation will occur when this is relevant.


Your privacy is of the highest importance and we abide by the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Charter for Clients.

Nonjudgmental & compassionate

We understand that seeking help can be challenging and we have built our reputation on our warm and professional approach.


Our therapists will help you feel at ease. Our approaches are accessible and clear so that you can achieve your goals quickly and effectively.